Press Release: Rednek Roundup 2021 Canceled

July 18th 2021:

It is with great sadness that we must bring you this news.

The Rednek Roundup 2021 has unfortunately been canceled due to reasons that are out of our control.

With an event of this size and complexity we are required to carry a very large insurance policy. We have been working and struggling for some time to find the correct underwriters to insure an event of this size. And while we were not successful in insuring all of the activities and races we had planned, we did find insurance for a few of them, however between the cost being so great and the community interest not being enough to come even close to covering it.. us being a small family owned company we were not able to cover everything.. and although we have tried being creative and make do, we did not feel it fair to take away from what everyone was expecting and paying for already. With this said and having exhausted all of our options, we are forced to cancel the event this year.

We do, however, plan on a Rednek Roundup 2022 but it will be smaller and each year.. as community interest grows.. we will be able to add more and more races and activities to grow it into the full event we have imagined!

At this time my Family and the Rednek team would like to apologize to everyone that was looking forward to such an awesome time and we hope you will join us next year and help us grow it even bigger and better for years to come!

We are not offering an option to save your tickets for next year, we are simply going to refund everyone that bought tickets or rv spots or registered for races etc. Everyone will be refunded, please have patience as it could take a few weeks for some of you to receive your refund.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at