4×4 Tug Of War

4×4 Tug Of War: The goal is to pull your opponent across the finish line. Each 4×4 vehicle will be randomly paired against an opponent. Once all vehicles have run, we will randomly pair all of the winners together for another run and continue to do this until we have a final King Tug! The Flag Person will signal contestants to begin by lowering the flag and the contestants will then attempt to pull their opponent across the finish line. A winner is the first to pull their opponent across the finish line. The Flag People will signal the drivers to stop by waving the flag. We plan on this being a muddy track but it may also be dirt depending on conditions.

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Rules & Instructions

  1. Aside from the admission waiver, each contestant must sign the additional competition waiver.
  2. A contestant may only enter this competition once.
  3. DOT approved helmet and eye protection are required and must be worn at all times while competing.
  4. Contestant must be over the age of 15. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present to make approval and signature.
  5. Contestant cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while competing.
  6. Currently, there are no limitations on engine size or mods etc. fully open class!
  7. Contestants must obey the Flag People.
  8. The Flag Person will raise the flag to verify the contestants are ready.
  9. The Flag Person will lower the flag to start the pull.
  10. The contestants will attempt to pull their opponent across the finish line.
  11. The Flag Person at the finish line will wave the flag when the pull has a winner and the drivers must immediately stop.
  12. The Judges will consider scenarios not outlined here and their decisions are final.
  13. All contestants shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner.
  14. You will also need a general admission ticket to get into the Rednek Roundup.

There is only a single winner, King Tug! And all entry fees go into the pot for the winner to take home! So tell your friends! The more that enter, the bigger the pot!

The winner will also be displayed in the Rednek Hall of Fame!

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